Fertilizer Programs

Fertilizer Programs

Easy as one, two, three and seed

That's right, it's as easy as 1,2,3, to have a healthy, good-looking lawn. As the first company to apply Harrell's POLYON fertilizer in the Berkshires, its unique characteristics make it possible to provide sufficient nutrition to your lawn for the entire year with just 2 granular treatments.

Benefits at a glance
-Fewer Applications
-Fertilizes every day - only when the plant needs it
-Consistent green
-Healthy, thick, lush lawns
-Minimizes susceptibility to disease and insect damage
-Lower environmental impact
-No unnecessary surges in growth

Seasonal Process

1) Your early spring POLYON fertilization will slowly release nitrogen when grass plants can best utilize right through late summer. A herbicide is incorporated into this fertilizer that will prevent the germination of Crabgrass and Goosegrass as well as a preventative grub control.

2) In the summer, when broadleaf weed activity peaks, we return to apply herbicide controls. Weeds are a recurrent problem, so we utilize IPM and only treat where the weeds are active, however, should broadleaf weeds reoccur, notify our office for free weed treatments throughout the summer. We will not blanket your lawn with needless herbicides.

3) When the stress of summer nears its end once again, we scout your lawn for weeds and apply POLYON fertilizer that will feed your lawn all fall, plus, give it a jump start next spring, assuring you will have the greenest lawn on the block!

4) Recommended fall time aeration and overseed is highly recommended as part of this program. This will prune roots, stimulate plant growth as well as introduce new sustainable varieties of turf into your lawn filling in any bare spots.

Additional program add-ons include

-The drought X package. During the summer we make an additional summer stop to apply two wetting agent applications. Wetting agents help coat the root and soil particles to help retain moisture for longer periods between irrigation events and rainfall.

-Surface feeder insect control. During the summer we make an additional stop to apply two applications of insect control. This will stop the damage done by surface-feeding insects such as chinch bugs and billbugs. Lime is also applied with these applications which builds thicker outer cell walls of the plant to assist in heat stress conditions.


When you sign up for our Easy as one, two, three and seed lawn program we guarantee to control crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, and grubs in your lawn for the entire season. All you need do is pick up the phone and call our office when you see unwanted broadleaf weeds, or suspect crabgrass in your lawn!

(If you fail to approve recommended renovation and seeding work and your lawn has constant weed and crabgrass problems due to a poor stand of grass, we cannot honor our guarantee after your second season of service)

Crucial Cultural Tools for success

The key to a healthy thick lawn with reduced pesticide applications is to implement good cultural practices. This includes:

· Maintain a mower height of 3" - 4". Remove no more than 30% of new growth
· Keep mower blade sharp
· Maintain moisture levels equivalent to 1-1.5" of rainfall per week
· Core aerate 1-2 times per season
· Broadcast or slice seed annually to replace lost grass plants and fill thin areas